Ubaya Center for Disaster Management conducted a VR Training for Trainers

11 Oct, 2022

On Tuesday, October 11, 2022, the Ubaya Center for Disaster Management conducted a VR training for trainers. Took place at the Faculty of Engineering building, the training was delivered by one of the Ubaya Informatics Engineering lecturers namely: Mikael Ming. Attended by 6 Ubaya academicians who are interested to be VR trainers, the event went smoothly for around 2 hours.

Beginning with the introduction of VR, the event continued with a Q&A and concluded with using the Oculus VR equipment with BUilD Disaster Application. According to Adi Tedjakusuma as an organizer, the event aims to prepare trainers who will be able to deliver VR training for students and society so that the VR equipment can be utilized optimally. "By organizing this training, the center would like to have more Ubaya academicians who understand VR as it will be used as a simulation of a disaster situation to students and society; thereby, they will understand what to do if the disaster happens," explained Adi.

Adi added that the center plans to conduct more training for Ubaya students, staff, and the community.