KSPB Ubaya Gives Psychological Assistance to Kanjuruhan Victims

10 Oct, 2022

The University of Surabaya Disaster Psychology Study Group (KSPB Ubaya) gives psychological assistance to Kanjuruhan victims. The activity took place in Malang and was carried out from October 2-6, 2022, in the form of a home visit basis.

Listyo Yuwanto, S.Psi., M.Psi., the KSPB Ubaya coordinator, said the home visit was carried out as a form of direct social support to grieving families.

"Home visit is a form of community support. We do this because it is based on the spirit of helping each other as community members. We do this not as academics, but as community members," he said in a press statement from Suarasurabaya.net Thursday (6/9/2022).

Prior to assisting, Listyo continued, KSPB had already established communication with the families to be assisted.

"After that, we offered assistance. Some are enough to be visited, but others need to be psychologically assisted," he added.

Furthermore, psychological needs mapping was carried out as a psychological first aid to see if the person being accompanied needed further treatment. Listyo and the team asked questions and visual aids so survivors could quickly tell their condition.

He added that this assistance also collaborates with the Ubaya Faculty of Psychology alumni and social institutions, such as the Indonesian Community Recreation Sports Committee (KORMI), Berkat Malang Gema Kasih (BMKG), and other networks.

"The purpose of this collaboration is that social institutions can also provide psychological assistance. This will strengthen the role of community participation in dealing with crisis conditions such as the Kanjuruhan case," added the Ubaya Faculty of Psychology lecturer.

KSPB also coordinates psychological services with poly psychology in clinics and hospitals in Malang. This assistance is not only a form of concern but a moment for KSPB to learn from the conditions experienced by the survivors.

"So, if we experience the same thing later, we know what to do because we are community members," he explained. He also added that the Kanjuruhan incident could be used as psychological research related to tourism disaster management. (gat/ipg)

Source: suarasurabaya.net