Ubaya Organizes Natural Disaster Management Competition

5 Sep, 2022

SURABAYA – The Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering Study Program, University of Surabaya (TMM Ubaya) held a product design competition for natural disaster management for high school/vocational high school students throughout Indonesia. This year the 2021 Product Design Contest (PDC) competition has the theme “DEFENDER: Designing Safety Equipment For Natural Disasters”.

Product Design Contest (PDC) is a design competition or product design at the national level which is held every two years and is attended by participants from high school / vocational students from various regions in Indonesia.

Eight teams that passed as finalists competed to present their best product designs to judges and online visitors on Saturday (30/1/2021).

Head of Ubaya TMM Study Program, Arum Soesanti, S.T., M.T. in her opening remarks, said that the theme Defender was chosen after seeing the condition of Indonesia as a country prone to natural disasters. According to her, through this activity, PDC can become a forum for the younger generation to channel their creative ideas and innovations in designing safety equipment that can be used in dealing with natural disasters in Indonesia. Here we learn to realize a product by learning how to design the product, the manufacturing or manufacturing process, and the production system,” said Arum Soesanti.

Through PDC, continued Arum, as the younger generation and the nation's successors, it would be nice if we could care about helping solve the nation's problems. Good luck to the finalists because you are amazing,

In this competition, participants must show their ability and creativity in designing a product by considering the aspects of function, aesthetics, ergonomics, maintenance, and safety.

Participants who take part in the 2021 PDC competition are tasked with designing safety equipment. Safety equipment is a tool used as a protector to prevent, overcome or cope with natural disasters before, during, and after they occur. Participants can take examples of natural disasters such as volcanic eruptions, floods, tsunamis, landslides, etc.

Eight teams successfully passed the selection and entered the final round to compete, namely the Hydro team from SMA Alam Insan Mulia Surabaya, the Wedus Gembel team from SMA Frater Donbosco Banjarmasin, the Magma team from SMAN 7 Sidrap Ponrangae, and the Smong team from SMAK St. Louis Surabaya. In addition, the Banjae team from SMA Frater Donbosco Banjarmasin, the Solar Storm team from SMA Petra 2 Surabaya, the tectonic team from SMA Petra 5 Surabaya, and the Tsunami team from SMA Zion Makassar.

After the booth visit session, each team displayed a video or presented the product design concept made in front of the judges and online visitors. Each team was given about 10 minutes to make a presentation and ask questions.

The three judges are Yuwono Budi Pratiknyo, S.T., M.T. as a Ubaya Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering Lecturer as well as an expert in Product Design, Listyo Yuwanto, S.Psi., M.Psi. as a lecturer at the Ubaya Faculty of Psychology as well as an expert in disaster risk reduction management, and Hayuning Purnama Dewi, S.Sos., M.Med.Kom., M.M. as a Ubaya Faculty of Business and Economics lecturer as well as an expert in marketing.

The event closed with the announcement of the winners and the results of the assessment from the jury. The Magma team won the first winner with a product design entitled Aldhela (Alarm – Shield – Hanger – Umbrella) and a total score of 502. While, the second-place winner was won by the Tsunami team with a product design entitled Lifeboat – Anti Tsunami and a total score of 498. The third winner was won by the Tectonic team with a product design entitled Jacket and Trousers Buoy and a total score of 473.

In addition, the Ubaya Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering Study Program also awarded the team in the categories of Best Vote, Best Poster, and Best Video. The Smong team won the winner in the Best Vote category with a total score of 721. Furthermore, the winner in the Best Poster category was won by the Tectonic team, with a total score of 92. Meanwhile, the winner of the Best Video category was won by the Magma team.

One of the judges, Yuwono Budi Pratiknyo, expressed his pleasure to see the younger generation's enthusiasm in participating in the competition even though it was held online. He hopes that later the concept of ideas and creativity of participants can be better developed and realized into products that the wider community can use.

“I hope that through this PDC, later, what they make will not only be in the form of concepts but can be realized in actual products. So that later it can be used well in the community for the benefit of natural disaster management,” concluded the jury of the product design competition Ubaya. (*)