Disaster Issue Discussion with Ubaya KSPB

1 Dec, 2021

Saturday, April 17, 2021, the Disaster Psychology Study Group (KSPB) of the University of Surabaya (Ubaya) held a Webinar and Talk show. With the title Human Trafficking and Disaster, it is hoped that it can provide insight to participants regarding disasters, especially human trafficking. “A disaster can be defined as an event that disrupts normal life and causes suffering beyond human capacity to adjust or cope with it,” said Listyo Yuwanto, M.Psi., Psy at the beginning of the presentation. According to him, there are three types of disasters, namely: Natural Disasters, Social Disasters, and Non-Natural Disasters.

Likewise, the things affected by the disaster are quite diverse, ranging from: Personal or Individual, Community, Social System, Materials, Policies, and Human Trafficking. "Human trafficking includes human trading, exploitation of humans, slavery, organ trafficking, and others as will be the main topics of this webinar," Listyo explained. He also explained various forms of human trafficking as well as examples of cases of human trafficking in the context of disasters.

“Actually, from high school I was interested in participating in various social activities because helping others makes me feel useful and I feel happy by being able to help others,” said Lintang Dwi Maharini, S.Psi. Lintang added that 2017 was the first year he was directly involved in the handling of human trafficking as a volunteer. Lintang also has various experiences, starting from interacting specifically with victims of sexual trafficking or assisting with assistance (psychology, counselors, and confrontation). “My most difficult experience in counseling is getting a child to believe and tell us stories. The question and answer session was the closing session for this webinar and talk show. One of the participants asked, "Is that easy to rehabilitate or re-form children who experience human trafficking? " Responding to this, Lintang said that this was indeed difficult to do. "But that's our challenge as a companion. How do we persuade them or how do we return them to a proper life,” ended Lintang.