Corona Virus Found In Food, Here is Doctor's Explanation

21 Aug, 2020

A Chinese study recently found the coronavirus (Covid-19) on the packaging and in containers of frozen shrimp imported from three Ecuadorian companies.

This also leaves a question mark, is there a possibility of Covid-19 to spread and reproduce through food?

In response to this, dr. Heru Wijono SpPD FINASIM explained that Covid-19 could widely enter through mucous membranes that are exposed to the virus. Like the eyes, mouth, and nose.

Regarding whether the virus can be transmitted through food, Dr. Heru said, until now, there has been no research that proves that Covid-19 can spread through food.

"It has not been proven that this virus can pass through food, although some of the receptors (the entrance to our cells on the surface of our cells), also have the potential to become the entry point for viruses into cells, and start the replication process (reproduction) by using our cell material as the basic material for the formation of thousands and even millions of new viruses which then attack our other cells. Because knowledge about this virus is still developing," said Dr. Heru when contacted by Basra, Saturday (1/8).

Although it is not yet known for sure, the University of Surabaya Faculty of Medicine lecturer (FK Ubaya) still urges the public to be vigilant, aware and disciplined in implementing health protocols.

"Do not touch your eyes, mouth, nose, and face as a whole unless you are sure that your hands are clean. From one study, it turns out that in an hour, we touch our faces on average more than 20 times, from fixing glasses to just rubbing our lips and mouth. Don't forget to wear a mask and keep your distance," he said.

Not only that, he also reminded people to always keep their hands clean by washing their hands, especially before and after eating.

"Because this viral membrane is not resistant to soap, so it is easily cleaned when exposed to this material. So, if you can, wash your hands using soap and running water so that the remaining viruses in your hands die," he said. When asked further about tips on buying food outside, buyers need to pay attention to the seller's health protocols.

"If the seller is disciplined in implementing health protocols, he cares for himself and his consumers because Covid-19 can be prevented and overcome quickly if we are all compact and disciplined with ourselves," he concluded.