Ubaya Scholarships are Still Available for Students during the Covid-19 Pandemic

3 Aug, 2020

Scholarship for The University of Surabaya Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering students was signed with PT Insera Sena on Monday (13/7/2020).

The University of Surabaya (Ubaya) signed a Memorandum of Understanding or MoU (Memorandum of Understanding) with PT Insera Sena as one of the efforts to increase Human Resources (HR) in the field of mechanical and manufacturing engineering.

This signing is one of the collaboration forms of the Ubaya with industry in order to provide scholarship programs to prospective new students, especially in the Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering study programs. The signing of the MoU was done by Ir. Benny Lianto, MMBAT. (the Ubaya Rector) and Soejanto Widjaja (CEO of PT Insera Sena) at the Ubaya Library building, Ubaya Tenggilis Campus, on Monday (13/7/2020).

Ir. Benny Lianto, MMBAT. said that this activity is a collaboration between Ubaya and industry to channel scholarships to active students and prospective students. Graduates of these scholarship recipients will later have greater opportunities to apply as employees in the scholarship granting company.

"This time, Ubaya collaborated with PT Insera Sena in providing scholarships to new student candidates specifically for the Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering study programs during the Covid-19 pandemic," explained Benny Lianto.

The parent company of Polygon, PT Insera Sena gave a scholarship fund to prospective new students of the Ubaya Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering Study Programs amounting to 200 million rupiah. Arum Soesanti, S.T., M.T., chairperson of the Ubaya Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering study programs explained that the scholarships awarded to prospective new students are in the form of USP and UPP up to 50 percent during the normal study period.

"Ubaya has previously collaborated with Polygon in the form of excursion studies. Now that we know that the current situation is pandemic and many people actually desire to study but with limited funds, this is one of the opportunities for them to continue their studies. We will conduct the selection process in accordance with the terms and conditions that have been set so that this scholarship is useful and targeted," explained Arum Soesanti.

In addition, Benny Lianto hopes that prospective or active students who will later have the opportunity to get scholarships from the industry can make the most of and use it as much as possible.

"We hope students become more diligent learners and can contribute well to the industry, such as internships and final assignments. This is to improve students' skills and the quality of graduates to be better prepared in the workplace, "said Benny Lianto.

The signing will be followed by the inauguration of the scholarship program through a webinar (web seminar) with Polygon on Wednesday (15/7/2020) for prospective students of the Ubaya 2020/2021 Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering students. Parents, academics, alumni, and the public are welcomed to join the webinar. (tok/ipg)

Source: suarasurabaya.net