The Ubaya spends Rp. 40 billion for Scholarships and online learning aids

30 Jul, 2020

SURABAYA – The covid-19 pandemic has an impact on various parties. Not only the health sector, but also social and economic, which also become a challenge for universities (PT).

the University of Surabaya (Ubaya) Rector, Ir Benny Lianto MMBAT said that the Ubaya students are scattered around Indonesia. There are students whose economies are affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. "There are fears that students will stop or postpone their studies," he said.

Therefore, Ubaya is giving for a solution. Most importantly, don't let students postopone or stop studying. Ubaya also provides Covid-19 care scholarships to students. "We give a discount of 20 to 80 percent," he said.

Benny said, the scholarship is given to new students  who enrolled to the Ubaya. Until now, there have been more than 100 new students applyng. "They will be selected. But, usually they will definitely get a minimum discount of 20 percent," he said.

In addition, there are scholarships for active students. They submitted a letter to the Rector. Then, checking the location of residence and interviews. Until now, there are around 80 students who submitted letters to the Rector. 

Karena kuliahnya daring, Ubaya juga memberikan bantuan fasilitas pembelajaran daring. Yakni, senilai Rp 1 juta per mahasiswa per semester. "Semua mendapatkan fasilitas pembelajaran daring tanpa seleksi. Total, sekitar 10.500 mahasiswa yang mendapat bantuan.


Because the lectures are online, the Ubaya also provides online learning aids, namely, worth Rp 1 million per student per semester. "All received online learning aids without selection. In total, around 10,500 students received the aids. 


The total scholarship assistance and online learning aids for students are Rp. 40 billion. Yesterday (16/7), the rector symbolically handed over online learning aids to the Ubaya students with a total value of Rp 10.5 billion. "This does not include municipal scholarships," he said.

Benny explained, the mechanism for providing online learning aids can be done in two ways. First, those who pay cash in half the semester will immediately be deducted Rp. 1 million. Second, for those who pay tuition fees with a credit system for five months, they immediately get a discount of Rp 200 thousand every month. "So, it is directly deducted from the semester tuition fees, " he explained. (ayu/c7/dio).

Source: JawaPos, July 17, 2020