12 Private Universities Collaborate to Handle the Covid-19 Pandemic

30 Jul, 2020

SURABAYA - Private universities (PTS) participated in the acceleration of handling Covid-19. Yesterday (13/7), 12 PTS Rectors under the Association of Indonesian Private Universities (APTISI) Region VII, Commissioner I Surabaya Raya-Madura, gathered at the University of Surabaya (Ubaya) library building. They discussed the synergy among PTS. One of them is assisting students in their respective neighborhoods.

During the meeting, 12 PTS Rectors exchanged ideas in an effort to accelerate the handling of Covid-19 in East Java by involving the campus. East Java Vice Governor  Emil Dardak was present at the meeting. "In addition to gathering, these PTS also work in handling Covid-19," Emil said.

He said, APTISI Commissariat I Surabaya Raya and Madura exchanged ideas and follow up the ideas into concrete programs. "In order to mobilize public awareness to be more effective," he said.

The hope is that one Resilient Village will be joined by one student. It will be synchronized to 5,700 RWs in Surabaya Raya an initial stage. Namely, Surabaya, Gresik, and Sidoarjo. "This will also be applied in other regencies/cities in East Java. However, these three regions will become the initial stage because of the special zone and must go first. We will map the presence of students later," he said.

In addition, actions taken by students must be well coordinated. The information must be reported to the East Java Covid-19 task force so that data validation is balanced. "Higher education is an example. Students need to play an active role. Especially in the context of KKN (Real Practice Works), one of which is empathy for what is happening around the students," he explained.

Emil added, don't let students not know their own environment. Therefore, the empathy of the young generation must be nurtured on the environment in which they live. "The form is of two levels. There are universities related to health. There are also universities outside of health. There are many roles that can be taken on campus," he said.

Most importantly, whatever role is taken, there must be no risk to the students themselves. So, they focus on each other's domicile.

Meanwhile, the Ubaya Rector Benny Lianto said that almost all PTS had played a role in handling Covid-19. The form is various. The meeting aims to unite the activities to be even more massive. Naturally, it has a greater impact. "If it is done individually, there is an impact, but it is small. If it is carried out systematically and involves all parties, especially the government, the role of PT will be greater," he said. (ayu/c15/dio).

Source: www.ubaya.ac.id