Preventing Covid-19, Ubaya organizes a Training on VCO Making to Improve the Body's Immune System

Date of event: 15 Aug, 2020

Saturday, August 15, 2020, the Ubaya community engagement team held a seminar and training on making Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO) at the Misi Interdenominasi (SMI), Surabaya. This training was attended by 40 students of D-II level, to improve skills as entrepreneurship. The event PIC was Dr. Emma Savitri, S.T., M.Sc (the Ubaya Chemical Engineering lecturer). "The skills to produce goods such as standard VCO and marketed commercially need to be followed up. Given that during the Covid-19 pandemic season, VCO is one of the products that the public is looking for," said Ir. Jonathan Wantoro M.Th as the Principal of SMI.

Students of the school that is located on Menanggal I/10 C Surabaya, come from all over Indonesia including remote areas in Indonesia, especially Eastern Indonesia. This training is expected to improve skills so that it has an impact on a better quality of life. The spirit of entrepreneurship must continue to be developed to prepare students when returning to their respective regions after graduation.

The Ubaya team in this community engagement activity comes from various disciplines including Chemical Engineering, Pharmacy, and Chemistry. They are Ir. Natalia Suseno, M.Si., Dr. rer.nat. Lanny Sapei, S.T., M.Sc., Devyani Dyah Wulansari, S.Farm., M.Si., Apt., and Drs. Tokok Adiarto, M.Si. The whole team is actively involved in seminars and training activities such as sharing knowledge about the chemical properties of ingredients, processing technology, standardizing food, pharmaceutical ingredients, and marketing systems.

One of the benefits of VCO is for the health and pharmaceutical fields. When compared to other vegetable oils, VCO has several advantages, namely the content of medium-chain saturated fatty acids, and its low molecular weight, so that it is easily absorbed by the body and is a powerful alternative herbal for the prevention and treatment of various diseases.

VCO with the main content of lauric acid (C12) is obtained through the extraction of coconut without heating. Apart from functioning as a source of energy for the body, coconut oil has also been shown to have various health benefits and helps increase immunity. VCO has also been shown to have antimicrobial activity and the potential to inactivate the Covid-19 virus because it can dissolve the outer membrane/envelope of the Covid-19 virus which contains lipoproteins. Consuming VCO every day can increase immunity and endurance so that it can prevent someone from being contaminated with bacteria or viruses and deadly diseases.

With this seminar and training activity, it is hoped that the Ubaya team can help improve the skills of SMI students in making VCO products independently. Besides, the team is also active in socializing to the public about the use of coconut oil in the form of VCO that contains many nutrients and antioxidants and can increase immunity against Covid-19.