Let Us Contribute in #SatuJiwa #SatuUBAYA #UBAYAforIndonesia

Date of event: 19 Jun, 2020

UBAYAtizen, it's time for us to unite and contribute together in real action caring community #SatuJiwa #SatuUBAYA #UBAYAforIndonesia to help UBAYA families affected by Covid-19 through:

Bank Account: 088 643 2393

Bank name: BCA, Darmo Surabaya branch

Account name: Yayasan Universitas Surabaya


and through a digital platform satujiwa.ubaya.ac.id

#SatuJiwa #Satu UBAYA is part of the #UBAYAfor Indonesia movement, a tangible form of the UBAYA contribution for Indonesia.

Alternative ways to contribute are now also easier: can be done by scanning QRIS

Code BCA


QRIS (QR Indonesian Standard) can be done through the following applications:

BCA Mobile
Link Aja


As of Friday, July 17, 2020, contributions of Rp.126,846,010,56 have been collected from 269 verified contributions. Thank you for your contributions. May God bless all of the contributors.

Further information can contact WhatsApp chat number: 085330123601 (Freddy)

and through the first private university’s digital platform in Indonesia, satujiwa.ubaya.ac.id. (*)